SuperMap Cup University GIS Contest121*75

Application Analysis


You are required to analyze spatial data with GIS methods to meet the actual needs of industry applications and life. The theme and topic are free. It will be an opportunity to show your ability to identify, analyze and solve problems.

Entry Requirements


1 Works must be original and conform to the open source rules. The copyright always belongs to the original author while the Contest Committee has the right to make public.

2 All the participants should be responsible for the copyright. If works involve reference or quote, please indicate at the end of the reports. Otherwise, the Contest Committee will hold the right to cancel the awards and withdraw the bonuses and certificates of prizes due to infringement reasons.


All the works must be base on SuperMap iDesktop or SuperMap iDesktopX with the version of 10i SP1 or above.


1 The data used in the entries can be the map data published by nations or relevant organizations, or the big data or other source data provided by Internet enterprises。

2 Please ensure the legitimacy of the data source and the right of using and releasing data.

3 The map content shall conform to the relevant policies and laws of each country, and shall fully represent the territory of each country.

4 You are required to use file data sources and file workspaces.

Judging Criteria

Item Requirement Score
Ideas(30) The topic can meet the needs in actual work and life; 10
Comprehensive and correct problem analyzing, perfect and clear ideas. 20
Process(50) Data producing combines with the actual needs, containing both spatial data and attribute data. 15
The map configuration is artistic and smooth, in line with using habits. 15
Proper analysis function selection and correct operation. The result map can be formed. 20
Analysis Report(15) Clear description, which can be able to explain the ideas and processes. 15
Demonstration Video(5) The video demo (no more than 15 minutes) is required to emphasize the functions and designing highlights, and display the operation steps.The vocal explanation and PowerPoint instructions can be provided.. 5


1 Submit the original data and data generated during the processing.

2 Submit data description documents in .PDF format, including introduction of original data (such as data source, data content description), introduction of result data (such as layer explanation, meaning of attribute field).

3 Submit an analysis report, including requirement description, solutions, analysis process and analysis results.

4 Submit an instruction videos. (No more than 15 minutes with subtitles in English and can be accompanied by voice explanation and PPT presentation. The videos need to be uploaded to YouTube.)

5 Submit a self-evaluation document of the work by the instructor. The document is submitted in .PDF format (Requirements: concise and clear; 100-200 words). If there is no instructor, no need to submit.

6 All the files required need to be submitted as compressed files in .ZIP format.

7 Structure of submission files:

Note: For "LeaderName", please enter the last name of team leader (in English).

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