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Application Analysis Group



You are required to solve industry application problem and the actual demand of life through the spatial analysis and spatial data mining.

There are some topics for references:

1. Calculate the area of residential areas that may be affected by road widening with buffer analysis function and then design a plan for road widening.

2. Use the logistics distribution function to analyze the optimal route of water delivery in residential quarters and make a best plan for delivery in conjunction with the owner's schedule.

3. Through raster analysis, collect statistics of the annual distribution of precipitation in a certain area and analyze the changes of precipitation in this area.

4.Use the location partitioning function to analyse a certain area and calculate how many banks or supermarkets should be added to cover all the area .

Note: There are no restrictions on the way you finish the work. You can use the existing analysis functions provided by SuperMap iDesktop. The final result can be a map results, plug-ins, complete application systems, etc.

Software Requirements

1.Version requirements :

SuperMap Software Version
SuperMap iDesktop 9D
SuperMap iObjects .NET 9D

2.Data format requirements: File data source and document workspace.

Submission Requirements

1. Submit raw data with data description documentation.

2. Submit the data generated during the processing of the analysis process, and attach the data to explain the documents. The documents and the data correspond one by one, and explain the analysis methods you used.

3. Submit analysis reports, including actual requirements explanation, solutions, analysis process, and analysis results and so on.

4. Submit demo video, including key data processing procedures, analysis procedures, etc.; demo video does not exceed 15 minutes. There should be dubbing. The format can be: MPEG, AVI, MP4, RMVB, MOV, WMV, FLV, video press The organizing committee requires uploading to the designated video site;

5. Submit a guide teacher's evaluation document for the work. The document is submitted in DOC format (requirements: concise and clear; clear and concise; 200-500 words).You also need to submit instructor’s contact information (email and phone number), to facilitate the organizing committee for verification. If there is no instructor, this item can be left blank.

Selection Rules

Items Requirements Points
Problem Solving Ideas The selected topic can solve the practical work and the business needs in life. 30
The problem analysis should be comprehensive and correct. Or the features of the functional design are clear, the scheme is advanced, and the overall design is reasonable. It can solve practical application requirements and has the value of promotion.
Problem Solving Process Combined with the actual needs of solving the problem, and the data production should be correct and reasonable and the spatial data and attribute data are all ready. Or the code structure is clear and logistic, and the function module is realized according to the system design requirement. 50
The map is beautiful and smooth and meets the use of the industry. Or there is no obvious Bug, beautiful and friendly interface. The design of tabs and menus is reasonable, and the operation is simple. It is in accordance with the custom of the user
Select a proper analysis function and form the result map.
Analysis Report Document description is clear, and diagrams are concise. It can explain the process of thinking and process. 15
Demo video The recording time is 10-20 minutes, which should highlight the wonderful features and design highlights of the work and can show the steps. At the same time it can be accompanied by voice explanations and PPT display instructions. 5

PS:If there is something not in accordance with the requirements for submission of works,we will give  appropriate  deduction.

[i] Data source file should contain two files, and file extensions are respectively .UDB and .UDD.

[ii] The workspace file extension is .SMWU or. SXWU.

[iii]Participants are required to ensure the legality of the data source and have the right to use and issue the data.

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