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Web and Online Development Group



As the basic software and hardware of internet developed rapidly, web application will continue developing with them, too. Our life and work will be offered much more convenience due to the increasing number of online application. These softwares such as SuperMap iServer, SuperMap iClient and SuperMap Online which developed by SuperMap software Co. are able to offer GIS platform support for all kinds of Web applications. If you want to show your talent with these excellent resources, just join us and make your creativity reality.

Please choose one or more software from hereinafter to design and develop an application system. Content unlimited:

SuperMap iServer

SuperMap iClient for JavaScript

SuperMap Online(

Development Environment Demand:

SuperMap Software Version Development Environment
SuperMap iServer 9D Eclipse
SuperMap iClient for JavaScript 9D Notepad or any other text editor
SuperMap Online None Eclipse and Notepad etc.

Deployment requirements:

In order to insure contestant deploy their production easily and safely, we offer a GIS cloud mainframe for every team. Contestant just need to deploy their code and production into the cloud mainframe. The mainframe contains SuperMap iServer software with a licence for 3 months and when it’s expired, the cloud mainframe will shut down automatically and will be unable to be used anymore. The mainframe will be turned on one month before the submission of productions, please contact with the organizers for applying and providing. Here’s the configuration of mainframe:

CPU RAM Band Width License Operating System
2 cores 4G 5Mb 3 months Windows Server 2008 R2

Notice: When deploying productions, contestant should set up development environment, code and database or based environment in the mainframe and make sure they are able to be debugged and operated for the organizers to verify.


Submission Requirements

1. Productions must be original and can’t infringe third-party’s copyright. After submission, the copyright continue belongs to the provider but the organizers is allowed to publicize and publish the productions.

2. Source program and data should be submitted.

3 .Developing document should be submitted (Tips: May contain the main and detail design of the system, the developing plan and progress, helping others to realize the development course of the system.)

4. Productions submitted should be able to run successfully. Explain document about deploying and installing of the system also required (Tips: May explain the notice about installing or deploying, explain the text situation of system, helping others understand the situation of installing and functioning.)

5. System instructions also required (Tips: Explain the application background and operations, helping others understand how to operate system.)

6. Submit at least 3 screenshot and brilliant function video(less than 15 minutes. Hereinafter format allowed: MPEG, AVI, MP4, RMVB, MOV, WMV, FLV, videos should be uploaded to video websites organizers required.)

7. Installation package of third-party’s API should be submitted.

8. Productions submitted should be compressed as .ZIP or .RAR.

9. A comment with format .DOC from the mentor is also needed. (Tips: brief, clarity, 200-500 words.) .You also need to submit instructor’s contact information (email and phone number), to facilitate the organizing committee for verification. If there is no instructor, this item can be left blank.


Selection Rules

Items Requirements Points
System Design Novel topic: New industry, new function in normal industry. 40
Function design based on industry feature, combine to GIS closely, able to solve actual problems, equip the value to be published.
Advanced design plan, reasonable total design, compete functions, reflect the mainstream technology of IT and GIS
System Providing Clear on structure and standard in coding, achieve functions designed by requirement. 30
Abundant content of data, standard data production, achieve the requirement of function system.
Fully paged, easy to install or deploy, system stable and efficient, no serious bugs.
Users Experience Friendly UI, rationally design of menu, easy to operate, fit users’ custom, achieve the coordinate of map and system UI. 10
System Exhibition Complete documents, clearly described documents, simple charts, able to explain the achievement of the idea and process of the system. 20
Have a video for 10-20 minutes, show the excellent functions and lightspot of the production, able to show operating steps, have dub and ppt explanation at the same time.


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