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Maps are a graphic representation of geographical information. It can be understood as the medium between "geographical information" and "human understanding of information." The map borrows the cognitive capabilities of human-specific, identifiable spatial patterns to provide visual information about the geographical objects and locations. It can serve as reference for administrative activities in administrative divisions, transportation, weather monitoring, water conservancy planning, emergency command, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, and tourism shopping. In order to achieve better results for information expression, the map must be visually appealing. In addition, many of the experience of graphic design such as layout design, proportions, color balance, symbols and layouts are applied to the production of maps.

Please use SuperMap iDesktop software to configure one (or more) maps, customize the theme, and prepare your own data. This requires a beautiful and professional map, strong visual appeal, and smooth display.

Software Requirements

a) Software version requirements:

SuperMap Software version
SuperMap iDesktop 9D
SuperMap iDesktop Cross 9D

b) Data format requirements:

Use file data source and file type workspaces.

c) Configure the map process (reference)

i. Data preparation

1. Convert vector data of other formats to SuperMap data format;

2. Through the function of querying and copying data, the converted data is rationally layered;

3. Vectorization based on the image.

ii. Data Processing

1. Perform topological checks on vector data and correct errors;

2. Fusion of vector data, fusing small objects;

3. Through re-sampling thinning data;

4. Get other specified types of data by type conversion;

5. Through the buffer analysis to obtain the data buffer range;

6. Extract the contours and faces through the raster data.

iii. Map rendering

1. Preset points, lines and fill symbols, made by the symbol editor;

2. Set the style for the layers;

3. Produce thematic maps and achieve richer styles through thematic maps;

4. Optimize the label display effect by label avoidance and labeling along the line.

5. A data set can be added to the map multiple times, such as a road layer, configure different display styles, use the display scale to control its display, and enhance the display effect of the map.

6. Layer grouping can be used to manage the same category of layers.

 iv. Improve browsing performance

1. Cancel the editing, selection, and capture of the map;

2. Set a fixed scale for the map;

3. Set the display scale for the layer, which not only meets the drawing specification;

4. Different display scales use different scales of data. The smaller the number of data nodes is, the higher the browsing efficiency is;

5. Through the layer anti-aliasing control, a balance between aesthetics and performance is achieved.

6. With SuperMap iDesktop's performance diagnostics, find poorly performing layers, analyze the causes, and optimize processing.

Submission Requirements

1. Submit original data [i] and attach data description documents;

2. Submit results data and attach data description documents. The data description documents include data application introduction, layer description, and attribute field meanings;

3. Submitted to the cartographic report, including the mapping process     description, map optimization instructions;

4. Submit the system wonderful screenshots (at least three) and map presentation video (not more than 15 minutes, with voice, the format can be: MPEG, AVI, MP4, RMVB, MOV, WMV, FLV)

5. Submit a guide teacher's evaluation document for the work. The document is submitted in DOC format (requirements: concise, clear, 200-500 words). You also need to submit instructor’s contact information (email and phone number), to facilitate the organizing committee for verification. If there is no instructor, this item can be left blank.

Selection Rules

Items Requirements Points
Data Data tiering is reasonably regulated and there are no topological errors such as: hanging lines, non-closed polygons, broken polygons, etc. 35
Correct use of data sources and workspaces, optimization of document data sources, and correct setting of data coordinate systems; Use different scales of data correctly;
Map Symbols, lines, fills and other resources are properly selected, produced finely, and meet the needs of the map; 50
Thematic map production is properly selected and produced correctly;
The map has soft colors and beautiful appearance, which is in line with the industry habits;
Optimize the map display effect and operating speed;
System display Document description is clear, diagrams are concise, and it can explain the organization of the data and the map making process; 15
The duration of the video recording is 10-20 minutes, highlighting the highlights of the work, together with voice explanations and PPT presentation instructions. The video is submitted to the corresponding video site in the format specified by the Competition Organizing Committee.
Additional Use the SuperMap iDesktop Cross desktop deployed on the Linux platform to display the prepared map, run the SuperMap iDesktop Cross product browse map on the Linux platform, record the video, submit the video results, and judge according to the display effect, adding up to 10 points . 10


The points are not in accordance with the submission requirements of the work;

Cross[i] Participants are required to ensure the legality of the data source and have the right to use and issue the data.  

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