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Mobile Application Group



Designing and Developing a Mobile GIS Application System

• SuperMap iMobile for Android

• SuperMap iMobile for iOS

Software Requirements

SuperMap Software Version Development Environment
SuperMap iMobile for Android 9D ADT Bundle or Android Studio
SuperMap iMobile for iOS 9D XCode 6 or abov.

Work Submission

Ⅰ Submitted Way

Submit all data (including source program, complete project file and all data needed for operation)

Ⅱ Requirements

1. The submitted work must be the author's original and may not infringe on the copyright of the third party. After the work is submitted, the ownership of the work is still owned by the original author, but the Organizing Committee has the right to publish and publicize the work.

2. Submit system source code and data

3. Submit the system development documentation (hint: can explain the system outline design and detailed design, explain the system development plan and progress, help others understand the system development process).

4. The submitted work should be guaranteed to run smoothly, and submit the system installation and deployment documentation (Hint: It can explain the software installation or deployment steps and precautions, explain the system running and testing, and help others understand the system installation and operation).

5. Submit system usage instructions (Hint: explain the system application background and usage methods to help others understand the system operation process)

6. Submit wonderful screen-shots (at least three) and wonderful feature demo videos. (Not more than 15 minutes, with overdubbed audio, the format can be: MPEG, AVI, MP4, RMVB, MOV, WMV, FLV, and the video is uploaded to the designated video website according to the requirements of the organizing committee).

7. Submit the installation package for the third-party plug-in used by the system

8. Works should be submitted in .ZIP or .RAR archive format

9. Submit a instructor's evaluation document for the work. The document is submitted in DOC format (requirements: concise and clear;200-500 words).You also need to  submit instructor’s contact information (email and phone number),to facilitate the organizing committee for verification. If there is no instructor, this item can be left blank.

Selection Rules

Project Requirement Points
System Design Novel topic: New industry, new function in normal industry. 40
Function design based on industry feature, combine to GIS closely, able to solve actual problems, equip the value to be published.
Advanced design plan, reasonable total design, compete functions, reflect the mainstream technology of IT and GIS
System Providing Clear on structure and standard in coding, achieve functions designed by requirement. 30
Abundant content of data, standard data production, achieve the requirement of function system.
Fully paged, easy to install or deploy, system stable and efficient, no serious bugs.
Users Experience Friendly UI, rationally design of menu, easy to operate, fit users’ custom, achieve the coordinate of map and system UI. 10
System Exhibition Complete documents, clearly described documents, simple charts, able to explain the achievement of the idea and process of the system. 20
Have a video for 15-20 minutes, show the excellent functions and lightspot of the production, able to show operating steps, have dub and PPT explanation at the same time.

Notice: Marks will be deducted when can’t achieve the requirement of production submitting.

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