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Contest Introduction



The Organizing Committee of SuperMap GIS Contest will invite well-known experts and scholars to join the Review Team. In accordance with the principles of openness, fairness and impartiality, Review Team will be responsible for the evaluation of the final competition.

Contest Awards

  • Team Award
  • Instructor Award
  • Organization University Award
  • Individual Award

First, second and third prizes are set for each group. All winning teams will be awarded certificates provided by the Organizing Committee of the Competition. And first, second and third prizes are awarded certificates, prizes and cups. Moreover, the best team in Web & Online Development Group will have an opportunity to go to Beijing for the final defense.

Excellent Participants will have job opportunities to become members of SuperMap International. The instructors of the winning team will have the chance to win the instructor award. Excellent organization award will be awarded according to the number of works submitted and the award-winning situation.

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