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Contest Group

Paper Group


Entry Requirements

A paper is required to be written for academic research or technical application based on SuperMap products, including but not limited to: SuperMap GIS application cases, industry solutions; SuperMap GIS software application development skills and experience; SuperMap 2D & 3D integrated application; GIS technology development status and trend; GIS basic software application of emerging technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence.

  1. Content Requirements
    • The chosen topic needs to be reasonable, scientific, practical and innovative, and writing standards. The academic paper ought to have clear-cut propositions, sufficient grounds, reliable arguments, concise style, and rigorous logic.
    • The thesis content includes excellent academic papers based on SuperMap technology in related fields in basic theories, scientific researches, and applied technologies. It also could be based on the works of other groups in this competition.
    • 2000-4000 words (except Abstract, Table of Contents and References).
    • The student participants must be the first author of the paper
  2. Format Requirements
    • Papers need to be submitted in .PDF format.
    • Essay structure refers to the Instruction of SuperMap GIS Contest.
    • Reference format refers to the Harvard Reference, no less than 10 articles.

Submission Criteria

  1. If the paper has been officially published in an academic journal, please submit a copy of the academic publication (cover and copy of the catalogue) or the certificate of the conference. The paper must be published no earlier than 2017. If the paper has been accepted by an academic journal but has not yet been officially published, please provide a copy of the acceptance notice for the academic journal.
  2. The required files include: 1) paper in .PDF format; 2) Submit a self-evaluation document of the work by the instructor. The document is submitted in .PDF format (Requirements: concise and clear; 100-200 words). If there is no instructor, no need to submit; 3) original data and data generated during the processing; 4) data description documents in .PDF format, including introduction of original data (such as data source, data content description), introduction of result data (such as layer explanation, meaning of attribute field).
  3. All the files required need to be submitted as compressed files in .ZIP format to Dropbox.
  4. All submissions will not be returned. Please keep the manuscripts if needed.
  5. Structure of submission files:

    Note: LeaderName: first name of team leader (in English), if it too long, Retain first 4 letters.

Selection Rules

Item Requirement Mark
Topic Selection(25) The frontier or key issues in the GIS field or industry 10
Has important academic significance or practical value 15
Scientific & Innovative(25) The results or progress achieved are scientific, unique or irreplaceable 10
Has substantial breakthrough or progress in solving scientific or technical problems 15
Difficulty(10) Research in the novel, deep and vast fields, have enough difficulties and rich materials, analyze insightfully and massively 10
Published(5) SCI Search (5) 5
EI or ISTP Search (3)
National Core Journal (2)
Other Core Journal (1)
Writing quality and specification(35) Complete in structure, accurate in words, clear in organization, rigorous in exposition, and normative in writing 8
Informative in content, accurate and reliable in graphs, forms and data 8
Use various methods flexibly for comprehensive research 8
Excellent completion of abstract translation, accurate translation of professional vocabulary, no ill-formed sentences 6
Normative referencing 5

Note: Marks will be lost if the work does not meet the submission requirements.

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