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Contest Introduction



  1. Participants can register individually or as teams. But each team must be no more than four members.
  2. One participant can take part in one or more groups or teams, while one team can only submit one work.
  3. Team members can come from different schools, institutes, universities, departments or classes.
  4. Teams can have instructors, but not more than two.
  5. The works must be based on the SuperMap software platform.
  6. Participants must submit their works on time (for more details, please check the schedule).
  7. A team participating in the contest need complete the relevant work according to the requirements of the group it belongs to. Works must be original and must not infringe the copyright of third parties.
  8. After the submission of the work, the ownership of the work still belongs to the original author, and the Organizing Committee of the contest has the right to publish and publicize the work.
  9. If the works are awarded, they will be publicized on SuperMap official website. By default, the works conform to the open source rules.
  10. Notes on copyright: If you refer to other works, codes, models, documents, third-party data, etc., please indicate at the end of the report as references. If the violation of the rights of third parties is committed to the working group, the organizing committee shall have the right to cancel the awards for the work and request the awards, bonuses and certificates of prizes to be returned.
  11. The competition principle applies to all competition groups in the competition. Those who violate this principle will be regarded as voluntarily abandoning their qualification.
  12. For more details about schedule, rules and award settings of the competition, please visit our official website of the competition.

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