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Contest Group

Web & Online Development Group


Entry Requirements

The application system of GIS is designed and developed by using SuperMap software. The application value of GIS in various fields is fully embodied by combining the current mainstream IT technology. Free topic selection, unlimited content, comprehensive examination of the contestants' system design ability, software development ability, application innovation ability and analysis and problem-solving ability.

Software requirements

You need use one or more following softwares:SuperMap iServer, SuperMap iClient JavaScript, SuperMap Online, SuperMap iClient3D for WebGL, SuperMap iObjects .NET, SuperMap iObjects Java, SuperMap iDesktop.NET, SuperMap iDesktop Java, SuperMap iMobile for Android, SuperMap iMobile for iOS,Version 9 D (2019) SP1 or above.

Submission Criteria

  1. The submission of a work must be original and not infringe the copyright of a third party. After submission, the ownership of the work remains with the original author, but the Organizing Committee of the contest has the right to publish and publicize the work.
  2. Submit system original program, installation package and data.
  3. Submit system development documents (hints: can explain the system outline design and detailed design, explain the system development plan and progress, help others understand the system development process).
  4. Submitting works need ensure smooth operation. And submit system installation and deployment instruction (hints: need explain the steps and precautions of software installation or deployment, and system operation methods to help others understand the system installation and operation).
  5. Submit system instruction (hints: Describe the background and operations of the system to help others understand the operation process of the system).
  6. Submit installation packages of third-party plug-ins used by the system if you use.
  7. Submit screenshots of your system (at least 3) and function instruction videos (no more than 15 minutes, with subtitles in English, need to be uploaded to YouTube, can be accompanied by voice explanation and PPT presentation).
  8. Submit a self-evaluation document of the work by the instructor. The document is submitted in .PDF format (Requirements: concise and clear; 100-200 words). If there is no instructor, no need to submit.
  9. All the files required need to be submitted as compressed files in .ZIP format to Dropbox.
  10. Structure of submission files:

    Note: LeaderName: first name of team leader (in English), if it too long, Retain first 4 letters.

Selection Rules

Item Requirement Mark
System design (40) New topics: new industry applications, new application points in traditional fields. 10
Functional design industry has distinct characteristics and is closely integrated with GIS. It can meet the actual needs of the industry and has promotional value. 15
The design scheme is advanced, the overall design is reasonable and the system functions are complete, which embodies the current mainstream IT technology and GIS technology. 15
System implementation (30) The code structure is clear and the code is standardized, and the functional modules are implemented according to the system design requirements. 10
The data content is rich, the data production standard, the display is visually pleasing, meets the application system demand. 10
Complete packaging, convenient installation/deployment, stable and efficient system, no serious system errors. 10
User experience (10) The interface is friendly, the menu design is reasonable, the operation is simple, maps and system interfaces are visually pleasing. 5
Optimize the performance of maps or scenes, and there is no obvious Karton phenomenon in roaming operation. 5
System display(20) Documents are complete and standardized, the description of documents is clear, and the charts are concise, which can explain the thought and process of system work realization. 15
The length of the video is no more than 15 minutes. It need highlight the excellent functions and design highlights of the works, and show the operation steps. It can also be accompanied by voice explanation and PT display instructions. Video is submitted to the designated video website in accordance with the uniform proposition format of the Organizing Committee of the contest. 5
Extra marks (10) The following points or points can be achieved in a work. Consider adding points as appropriate:
1. If the mobile SDK is used for secondary development, the work submitted to App Store or other application market will be added 2 points, and the AR map will be realized and the work of operation recording screen will be added 2 points.
2. Submitted works include two or more works in WebGIS application system, PC desktop application system and mobile terminal APP, plus 6 points.

Note: Marks will be lost if the work does not meet the submission requirements.

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